Video Inspiration

On this page you will find published authors giving you all sorts of wonderful guidance on how to approach your piece of writing. 

The first is Katy Mahood, a lecturer on creative writing and author of ‘Entanglement.’ 

Next we have Tom Palmer, ( author of  48 books for young people! Tom has kindly also shared with you the first chapter of his new book ‘After the War.’ His website also has loads more brilliant videos and writing tips, and is well worth having a look for more inspiration!

This advice from Jasbiner Bilan ( is well worth listening carefully to. Her debut book ‘Asha And The Spirit Bird’ was winner of the Children’s Costa book award in 2019!

If you are in the aged 13 category, you should pay particularly close attention to this! Dan Smith, one of our amazing judges, shares his top tips here:

David Nicholls is one of the UKs biggest authors for adults, and has had lots of his wonderful novels made into films: ‘One Day’ and ‘Starter for Ten’ being two very popular examples. He is a man you should listen to for advice!

Holly Smale’s tips are a must watch – her wonderful book ‘Geek Girl’ has now sold over a million copies!

The next superb tip is from Kate Millinder, the author of the brilliant debut novel ‘Summer of No Regrets’. Her new novel ‘Asking for a Friend’ is coming out in the next few days!

Former Blue Peter presenter, turned superstar author of the hugely successful ‘Cookie’ book series. Konnie Huq gives amazing guidance here on how to make sure your plot is interesting for a reader.

Lucy Strange is the author of a number of books, including ‘A Castle by the Sea’ which was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s book prize in 2020. She gives some great guidance here on: how to come up with good ideas, use your imagination to its full potential, and how to be bold in your writing.