Lisa Heathfield


Judging Category: Aged 15. 

Your judge has written a collection of amazing books for teenagers, Lisa Heathfield. You can see all her books here. 

Before becoming a mum to her three sons, Lisa was a secondary school English teacher and loved inspiring teenagers to read.

She launched her writing career with SEED in 2015. Published by Egmont it is a stunning YA debut about a life in cult. PAPER BUTTERFLIES is her beautiful and heart-breaking second novel. FLIGHT OF A STARLING, her third novel is equally heart-breaking and contains an important message.

Lisa lives in Brighton with her family. Her latest novel is ‘I am Not a Number:’

“The Traditionals have been voted to lead the country, winning people over with talks of healing a broken society, of stronger families and safer streets. They promised a happier future for everyone. They didn’t promise this.

When Ruby is swept up with protesters from the opposition, her life is changed forever. Locked in a prison camp far from home and with her belongings taken from her, she’s now known by the number 276. With horror escalating in the camp, Ruby knows that she has to get her family out – and let the world know what’s happening.

Set in the present day, I Am Not A Number is a powerful and timely book for both young adults and adults alike.”


Lisa’s advice for writers is:

It’s important to write for yourself and for no one else. And to shake off any self-doubt – every writer I know thinks that they’re not good enough! I honestly believe that if you enjoy writing something, then a reader will enjoy reading it. Immerse yourself, believe in your characters and believe in yourself. If there’s even the tiniest part of you that thinks I’d quite like to try this then go for it! Leave all this strange lockdown behind for a while and let your imagination create a new place to live in. You’ll be amazed where you can go. Words are beautiful and I feel incredibly privileged that soon I’ll be reading YOUR words!