AGE 10

Who will be reading my entry?

Your judge is a new writer of breathtaking talent, Burhana Islam.

Burhana is an English teacher, a day-dreamer, a cake-nibbler and a storyteller. She was born in Bangladesh, raised in Newcastle, and now lives in the outskirts of Manchester where she still shares her love for stories with a new generation of curious, young minds. Her debut children’s book ‘AMAZING MUSLIMS WHO CHANGED THE WORLD’ is set to be published on July 9th, 2020 by Puffin.  You can follow her on Twitter @burhana92 and her website is:

 Top Tip:

 When you’re stuck for ideas, write what you know because only you can do that. Maybe it’s the games you’ve played in the garden, the bed that’s become your den, or maybe it’s waking up in the dead of night when the whole world is sleeping just to fast in Ramadan, or even looking outside from the blinds of your window waiting to clap for our heroes in the NHS. Or maybe it’s something complete different. Have a big long think. That’s when your best ideas happen.

Once you have a few ideas, pick your best one and write, revise and write again.