Well-being and positivity support


Dr Hazel Harrison is a clinical psychologist and runs the wellbeing content at That has lots of really helpful content, including this video from author of ‘Geek Girl’ Holly Smale on being kind to yourself. Holly has also done one of the inspiration videos on our YouTube channel. 

Dr Harrison has very kindly given us permission to share the following videos, that might be helpful to watch to support your wellbeing.

This video is about finding “flow”: things that will help to make you feel more positive in lockdown.

This second video is about feelings, and what can help you manage your feelings in lockdown:

This third video is about how you can keep making connections during lockdown:

Adrian Bethune is a primary teacher and author of ‘Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom’. On this page, he interviews a psychologist and author Rick Hanson. There is lots of interesting things here on the negativity bias, and how you build more resilience and happiness.

This blog, from Jo Bradley, who is a mental and emotional wellbeing coach for schools and families,  has lots of good videos to support your wellbeing, including mindfulness practices.

The Mind charity has lots of great links to find support and guidance on managing your wellbeing during lockdown.

If you are feeling anxious, or lonely, there is some excellent guidance on this page, from the children’s society.

Anxiety UK has lots of good links, and numbers you can call if you need further support.

If you are in Scotland, why not try the #clearyourhead challenge, which has lots of fun activities to do through the month of May.

This website has 74 things for teenagers to do during lockdown – if you need some inspiration!

The Voices of Youths website is really interesting, with young people all over the world sharing their experiences of being in lockdown.

This has fifty interesting things you can do, including taking a virtual tour of ancient Rome!

It is mental health awareness week (18th of May – 24th of May) and the theme is kindness. Try and complete the kindness bingo challenge throughout the course of this week!


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