Three tips that could make all the difference

Top Teacher Tips from Zoe Enser (Kent)


I’m pretty certain that you will have been told this a thousand times at least, but planning is crucial. It is what all great writers do and it is the most important element of the writing process.

That could mean jotting ideas randomly onto a blank page, making a careful paragraph plan or even just taking the time to really consider carefully in your head what you want to include, time to let the ideas swirl and grow.


I would say this is the next most important point as you want to take your reader on a journey. Your planning may well have included some random ideas you want to include but think carefully about the route you want your reader to take. A good writer guides their reader through their ideas and builds towards a final point. Use things like discourse markers (however, moreover etc) to show them the next step and help them leap onto it.


The final tip I would give is about editing. Read over your work, out loud if possible, to check it is clear, precise and flows through your different ideas smoothly. This is a time when you can also check for errors and consider alterative vocabulary and phrasing.

Good luck.



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