How to craft your writing

Top Teacher Tips from Susan Strachan (London)

Ideally, you should always plan your writing, when you come up with an idea create a mind map to help you sort through your ideas. You can add to this as more ideas come to you during the process of writing.

When you are writing, really consider crafting what you are saying. When I say crafting, this is the messy part of the process where you think about individual words and phrases that you are using and think about the effect that you are trying to create.

Cross things out, change what you write and decide which is the most effective as you craft. In the final parts of the writing process, you should edit your work. Edit for an overall sense of clarity in the writing, to ensure that you have structured your writing effectively, and to ensure what you have said interests the reader.

The other part of the editing process will be around technical accuracy, where you check the spelling, punctuation and grammar in the piece.

Good luck, you’ll be brilliant. Remember good writers craft and edit and often don’t ever believe a piece is finished!

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